GK-GA Questions Asked in Syndicate Bank PO 2018 Exam (25th February 2018, 01st Shift)

Syndicate Bank PO Exam Analysis 2018:

Syndicate Bank has conducted its online examination today, and the first shift is over now. This Computer Based Test was conducted by Syndicate Bank to select candidates for the admission to PGDBF course who will be further appointed as PO in the various branches of the Bank. After Syndicate Bank PO 2018 Shift-I is over, aspirants who will be appearing in the next shift must be eager to know about the Examination’s level, types of questions asked, all of which can help them to appear in the next shift.

This article will give you the opportunity to analyze the Syndicate Bank PO 2018 exam & question asked in the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness and the Descriptive Writing Test. After critical analysis and review given by candidates who have appeared for the first shift, we would say that this year’s Syndicate Bank PO Shift-1 examination was of a Easy to Moderate level.
Good Attempts
Reasoning 33-37
Quantitative Aptitude 29-35
English Language 22-29
General Awareness 27-33
Overall 109-121

Reasoning ( Easy-Moderate )

There were 4 sets of puzzles and Seating Arrangement which are given below:-

  • Linear (1 Question) – 1 Variable
  • Floor Based – 2 Variable
  • Circular Seating Arrangement – 3 Variable
  • Box and Cities Arrangement Puzzle – 2 Variable
  • Random Arrangement based Puzzle ( 8 people working in different companies in different cities) – 3 Variable

Syllogism also included questions having “can never” clause and Data Sufficiency included questions based on Direction Sence, Comparison of heights, linear arrangement.

Topic No. of Questions Level
Puzzle and Seating Arrangement 21 Moderate
Syllogism 4 Moderate
Inequality 5 Easy
Machine Input Output 5 Easy
Data Sufficiency 5 Moderate
Alphabet 1 Easy
Passage Inference 2 Moderate
Course of Action 2 Moderate
Statement and Assumption 2 Moderate
Statement and Conclusion 2 Moderate
Order and Ranking 1 Easy
Total 50 Easy-Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude ( Easy-Moderate)

There were 4 sets of data interpretation, following were the types of DI:

  • Tabular – It was Calculative in comparison to other DIs and represented data of loan provided by 4 different banks
  • Pie Chart – It represented the data/ratio of Scale-1 and scale-2 RRB Officers in 4 different cities.
  • Liner
  • Caselet
Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation 20 Moderate
Quadratic Equation 5 Easy-Moderate
Number Series (Missing) 5 Easy-Moderate
Approximation 5 Easy
Data Sufficiency 5 Moderate
Partnership 1 Easy
Problem on Ages 1 Easy
SI and CI 1 Easy
Profit and Loss 1 Easy
Ratio and Proportion 1 Moderate
Work and Time 1 Moderate
Speed and Distance 1 Moderate
Miscellaneous 3 Easy-Moderate
Total 50 Easy-Moderate

English Language ( Moderate – Diificult )

The level of this section was moderate to difficult in comparison with the rest of the examination. There were 2 sets of reading comprehensions and they also included 2 vocabulary based questions of synonym and antonym. The reading comprehensions were based on a topic of financial technology and banking and the other RC was related to some new technology launched in France for children.
There were around 10 questions of error detection which included questions two categories:
1) A sentence was given in parts and one part was marked as bold and that part was grammatically correct. Out of the rest, there were 2 parts having grammatical errors in them and the candidate had to identify those two parts.
2) 3 sentences were given out of which candidate had to identify the sentence(s) which were grammatically correct.
Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 20 Moderate – Difficult
Double Filler 5 Moderate
Error Detection 10 Moderate – Difficult
Phrase Replacement 5 Moderate – Difficult
Sentence Rearrangement 5 Moderate – Difficult
Connectors 5 Moderate – Difficult
Total 50 Moderate – Difficult

General Awareness ( Moderate)

The level of GA was moderate and maximum number of questions were from current affairs of January and February. Apart from this, there were also questions of banking and financial awareness and around 8-10 questions were from static awareness. 7-8 questions were of abbreviations and questions related to Climate Change summit, capitals, details in currency notes were also asked. No questions were asked from the Union Budget 2018

Q1. Equitas Small Finance Bank Headquarter- Chennai
Q2. What is the meaning of NACH- National Automated Clearing House
Q3. Venue of AIBA Championship 2017- Hamburg, Germany
Q4. What is the currency of Malaysia- Malaysian ringgi

Descriptive Writing Test

Following were the topics asked in descriptive writing test of Syndicate Bank PO 2018 Examination:
Letter Writing – Word Limit: 150 words
a) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern regarding ill- effects of constant exposure to loud sound and music among children and youth.
b) Letter to police inspector for loss of a bag that contains important documents in a train.
Essay Writing – Word Limit: 150 words
a) Importance of soft skills in successful professional life
b) Should age limit be considered before admission of children to the school??? Give your opinions

Syndicate Bank PO Analysis: Overall 

The Online Examination had two parts, first was the objective test which had four sections namely English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness and there were 50 questions for 50 marks in each section. The objective test had a composite time of 2 hours for all four sections. The second was the Descriptive Writing test of English Language which had 2 questions for 50 marks and candidates had to complete it in the time duration of 30 minutes.
Q1. Equitas Small Finance Bank Headquarter- Chennai
Q2. What is the function of NACH-?
Q3. Venue of AIBA Championship 2017- Hamburg, Germany
Q4. What is the currency of Malaysia- Malaysian ringgit
Q5. What is the meaning of “A” in PCA- Action (Prompt Corrective Action)
Q6. Every Year 4th January is celebrated as- World Braille Day
Q7. Where is the Head Office of Standard Chartered Bank- London, UK
Q8. Where is the Head Office of World Food Programme/Organisation- Rome, Italy
Q9. Manik Banerjee related to-  Mountaineer
Q10. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting 2017- Bonn, Germany
Q11. Gobind Sagar is a man-made reservoir situated in- Himachal Pradesh
Q12. One Questions Related to The Dronacharya Award 2017
Q13. One Questions Related to NPCI
Q14. Where is the Headquaters of SIDBI- Lucknow
Q15. Imphal is the capital city of- Manipur
Q16. One Questions Related to DICGC
Q17. The riel is the currency of- Cambodia
Q18. Ayodhya, also known as Saketa, is an ancient city of India, believed to be the birthplace of Rama and setting of the epic Ramayana. Ayodhya located which bank of river- Sarayu River
Q19. Name the country, which will host the BRICS summit 2018- South Africa
Q20. Name the most populated state in India- Uttar Pradesh
Q21. One Questions Related to Repo Rate
Q22. The Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development is awarded to ___________ for his leadership of the country and his achievements during the momentous 10 years from 2004 to 2014- Manmohan Singh
Q23.  Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) was established by ________ as its wholly owned subsidiary- RBI
Q24. One Questions related to FDI in Private Sector Banks
Q25. The new Rs 50 denomination banknotes. It has a ___________ with Chariot on the reverse- motif of Hampi
Q26. One Questions Related to Rs 500 new note which has released in 2016.
Q27. RuPay a new card payment scheme launched by- NPCI
Q28. What is the meaning of “I” in LEI- Identifier (Legal Entity Identifier)
Q29. What is the meaning of “E” in AEPS- Enabled (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)
Q30. Location of sangai festival 2017- Manipur
Q31. Baglihar Dam located in- Jammu and Kashmir
Q32. Karun Kaladharan Nair related to which sports- Cricket
Q33. Which country is not in BIMSTEC- Pakistan